Event/Party Terms & Conditions


To secure your booking for a party, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required within 3 days. Etsukaholic reserves the right to cancel any bookings without notice should the deposit not be received in full by the due date.

If your booking is made within 7 days of the party date then you must pay the entire cost of the booking as confirmation within the period stipulated by Etsukaholic.

Due to the amount of prep prior to the event/party, we will take a $50 non-refundable fee for changing the date 7 days prior to the party date.

Payment In Full

Payment in full must be made on the party date.

Cancellation (or partial cancellation)

If on the rare occurrence, there is an emergency or a sick entertainer, Etsukaholic will do their best to find a replacement entertainer (Please be aware that this may mean face painting rather than balloon art). If Etsukaholic cancels the party, a 100% refund (including the deposit) will be refunded.

Party Guests

We have a limit for the number of children per entertainer. If circumstances change and there will be more children attending than this limit, we are required to pay extra fee. If on the day there are more children than stated, clients will be billed for this after the event.

Also, parents have to look after your kids too.

Day of the Party

Parking is to be provided for entertainers. If parking is in a public paid place, reimbursement for this is required.

When providing a space for the entertainment, it is crucial to ensure there is enough room for games and dancing etc. If there are a lot of parents attending the event and a small space, we ask that they do not overcrowd the kids and entertainer.

If, on the day of the party, it is raining or too hot, please provide a shaded area for the kids and the entertainer.

All of our balloons are eco friendly and don’t harm the environment. Due to this, on very hot days balloons can pop a lot easier. We ask again that entertainers have a shaded spot to complete this task.
Adults are welcome to join in with balloons, but please make sure that all the children have had their turn first.


We are fully vaccinated. We can wear masks if the client wants us too.

Etsukaholic continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and follows guidance from the New Zealand Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO). In the event of COVID-19 lock downs legitimately affecting your party as detailed below, your party will be transferred to new dates at no additional cost. If you choose to cancel the party, then the above cancellation policy applies.