Reiki Session ( available only Distance)

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***Temporarily unavailable until futher notice***

Receive a transmission of universal energy to stimulate healing on all levels
: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
Reiki stimulates your immune. 
Reiki make balance of physical, emotional and mental.

Reiki is one of relaxation that use universal energy, and 
clear your mind and release the stress, sadness and tensions in your general life. 
Good bye unhappiness life!
Life is beautiful !!!

How to receive Reiki?

I will send a text 5 min before start session. Turn off the mobile or on to airplane mode. Lay down on the bed or couch in the quiet room. 
Closed your eyes and relax. Let your body and mind go with the flow.
I will send a txt when session is done. You can turn on the mobile or off to airplane mode.

*You might have side effect (headache) in 24 hours.
Recommended to drink water more than usual. And little bite of dark chocolates.

- 15min $30
- 40min $60


15min, 40min